Infos preorder

What is it ?

Pre-Order is a purchase that is made for a product that is not yet available.
This process allows to manufacture (or dye) according to the customers orders.
It is a trustful relationship between the brand and the customer.
The customer accepts to wait for receiving its purchase and the brand offers a price discount in return.

How long will I wait ?

At Bleu de Cocagne we work in different ways according to each product
In some cases we manufacture our products before the pre-orders, then we proceed with the dying of our vegetal colors according to the customers demand.
In other cases we buy our fabrics and wait for the pre-orders to launch the production.
The waiting time can therefore vary from 3/4 weeks to 2/3 months.

What's good about it ?

Pre-order is good for the client who benefit from a price discount
Pre-order is good for the brand because it helps planning and financing the production
Pre-order is good for the planet because it avoids over producing.

Can I exchange or be reimbursed ?

You can exchange your product, within 15 days after delivery, according to the stock availability.
We always manufacture more than the pre-orders to answer to the need of our parisian boutique.
It therefore allow us, in the limit of available stock, to answer to potential exchange requests.
If exchanging is not possible you will be reimbursed
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