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The desire to collaborate with artisans to promote their savoir-faire in the crafting of a unique and ecological clothing is at the origin of our journey.

Vegetal Woad Blue is at the heart of our creative inspiration. Beige and browns made of Onion and Gallnut complement the color offering. Woad is cultivated in Picardie-France. The artisanal dye process makes each item unique. Each product is dipped about 6 times to achieve the right tone.

For technical reasons some items are dyed in an industrial environment in Italy and Portugal. All our fabrics are made of natural fibers with a strong presence of Linen. Linen is an ecological fiber. Its rustic character is enhanced by the vegetal dye and beautiful age with time. Our manufacturing philosophy is to prioritise proximity. Our products are made in France and Portugal.

  • Vegetable dye
  • 100% Natural materials
  • Made in France & Portugal



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