men's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacket
men's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacketmen's long kimono jacket

Long kimono jacket

The initial price was €329.00.The current price is €279.00.

The long Kimono jacket is inspired by a vintage piece brought back from Japan. Its minimalist design creates a chic yet casual silhouette. You can wear it as a jacket in fine weather, and under a coat in cooler weather. Drawstrings allow you to zip it up or cross it.

The model is 180 cm tall and wears a size L.



From 05/02/2024 to 05/30/2024


From 10/06/2024 to 20/06/2024

100% LINEN

Linen is a thermoregulating fiber that provides permanent comfort. Grown in Europe, mainly in France, flax is an environmentally-friendly fiber, requiring very little irrigation or inputs.

Its slightly irregular appearance enhances plant dyes and it will develop a patina over time.


The long Kimono jacket is made in northern Portugal.
The vegetable dyes are handmade in Picardy.

Our products are created in France.
Our manufacturing policy is to favor local production in order to limit our carbon footprint.
Our partners are based in France, Italy and Portugal.


The long Kimono jacket is hand-dyed in Picardy using plant-based pigments.
The light blue is made with the pigment extracted from the woad flower (also known as Waide).
For Dark Blue, we add indigo. Beige is dyed with Onion.
For Chestnuts, we add Walnut to the Onion.

It takes around 6 dye baths to achieve a deep, even color. This artisanal process makes each piece unique.


Machine wash at 30°. Tumble dry and/or iron with lots of steam to give the fabric suppleness.

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What is it?

A pre-order is a purchase made for a product that is not yet available. This mode of operation makes it possible to manufacture (or dye) according to customer orders. It's a relationship of trust between brand and customer. The customer agrees to wait to receive his or her purchase, and the brand offers a discount on the boutique price in return.

How long do I wait?

At Bleu de Cocagne, we operate in different ways, depending on the product. In some cases, we have our products manufactured before the launch of the pre-order, then we make our dyes according to customer demand. In other cases, we buy our materials and then wait for pre-orders before starting production. Waiting times can vary from 3/4 weeks to 2/3 months.

Why is that good?

Pre-ordering is good for the customer, who benefits from a discount on the boutique price in gratitude for their trust and patience. Pre-ordering is good for the brand, as it helps to plan and finance production. Pre-ordering is good for the planet, as it avoids overproduction.

Can I exchange my product or get a refund?

You can exchange your product within 15 days of delivery, subject to stock availability. We always order a little more than the pre-orders in order to keep stock for our Paris boutique. This allows us to respond to any exchange requests, subject to stock availability. If an exchange is not possible, you will be reimbursed.